Double Edged Marking Training knife

Home-page-Series-One-testThis double edge marking training knife will immediately change the results you get by providing you the necessary information to modify you and your student knife tactics.

This training knife will hold you and your student accountable for their skill set.

Since we’ve released the No Lie Blade training knife in 1998  Thousands of U.S. Military lives have been saved reports the Unites States Marines Corp. The No Lie Blade marking training knife provides immediate, accurate and memorable feedback that cannot be denied.

This results in on the spot changes in the way the student responds to a knife attack but more importantly the way the student engages any possible threat.

The tool along with a committed simulated attack in just three or four evolution’s of training will bring on paradigm shift and that student will not and cannot see knife attacks the same.

The student is forever changed for the better in dealing with any subject.


Series 1 Trainer – No Lie Blades Training knife kit 1 Series One training knife

  • The blades shaft is 356 Alloy mold crafted aluminum.
  • The felt is SEA level 2 industrial felt
  • The handle rap is military grade nylon para cord which is hand tied and fused under heat lamps.
  • 2 Marking Sticks
  • Training & Usage Instruction Guide
  • Impact / Injury Chart
  • NLB Demo / Instructional CD
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