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At NLB Tactical since 1999 we’ve been providing combat tools and training for the Law Enforcement and Military communities. In the last 2 years we’ve opened up our services to the approved civilian markets, meaning; we just don’t teach anybody. You must be qualified and vetted before we will provide threat neutralization training (what we teach is no BS fighting to eliminate hard target threats).

Over the years I’ve been consistently asked if I would run a women’s civilian self defense course of fighting. We ran an open free “Escape to safety” course at the famous Inlet Fitness for both men and women which was a great success and since have been asked to do women courses. In all honesty, I have been very reluctant to do so because, frankly most civilians want to be a badass when it comes to fighting but don’t want to do the work necessary to achieve that goal. The truth is it’s not easy, you have to put the work in and take the bumps along that journey!

One day while working out at Inlet Fitness a gal came up to me and started talking about wanting to put together a course for women. However, I’ve heard this 100 times before so in my mind I said, ok, we’ll see. This gal was apparently serious because she hunted me down the next week and followed up with a phone call as she said she would! Long story short she did a large part of the work in putting this course together. She assembled a group of women that were serious about their personal security and were ready to train hard and pay for their training. I can’t tell you how many people want quality training not only for next to nothing but want it delivered to them with very little work done on their part. Working with her was refreshing.

I’m very pleased to report every woman in this class pushed hard the whole 4 hours! Let me remind you this is not an easy course. This course is run at the same pace that we would have any L/E or MIL force protection unit run at. Yes of course the tactics are different but the pace and intensity is the same. 

Please watch this video and congratulate these women on their accomplishment, they all did excellent. This module is part 1 of a 3 part course which will result in a certificate of completion and mindset shift that is permanent and lasting! However if you can only one or two of the module you will be served well. One that will make these woman unmistakably someone you really don’t want to mess with if you’re intent on bringing them harm!

Please pass the word on about this course as it is an excellent beginning for any woman in obtaining confidence in their personal security. This is a fit for the work place, team building events, church groups, fitness groups, woman groups, civic groups, anybody who is serious about their personal safety or the safety of the ones they love. 


Registration must be in advance. No walk on’s.

Cost: $135.00

Date and time: November 19, 2017 11:15 am – 3:15 pm

Call us or email and we’ll be glad to help. 610.442.5539 or

Feedback from first course.






NLB Tactical / No Lie Blades 2017 Instructor course is now open for registration. This is the first US instructor course in 18 years that will be also open enrollment to those other than Military and Law Enforcement tactical instructors. You must be a current combat or martial arts instructor and will be vetted first before admission.

“There are few better trainers worldwide than Hank Hayes / No Lie Blades when it comes to getting results in hands on edged weapons / combat tactics”.

-Dave Smith “Buck Savage”

“NLB’s course is life changing, in my 23 years in L/E it’s some of the best training I’ve ever had.”
-Sheriff Rick Silver – Washington County Sheriff’s Dpt.

What material will be covered?
• Fact finding to define truly where your skillset is against a committed knife attack.
• Learn the four ranges of fighting skills assessment.
• Video playback review sessions.
• Learn the necessary and useful knife grips, stances and foot work.
• Understand edged weapons lethality the risks of immediate knife contact.
• Active knife meat cut session.
• Learn the top 3 things that special forces learn to tactically to stop a committed knife attack.
• Learn and define edged weapons awareness of several types of cutting weapons.
• See yourself with video feedback learning sessions.
• High pressure scenario training.
• Explore operator level knife selection, carry position and deployment drills.
• Learn the T.N.T. explosive fighting skills.
• Learn Pre-incident indicator skills building (body-language reading).
• Drills for building edged weapons survival skill and why you’re training those drills.
• Using barriers to entry and weapons of opportunity.
• Execution of compounded violent strikes.
• Verbal commands before and during the encounter.
• Multiple attacker neutralization techniques.
• Team system survivability tactics.
• Open question and answer section.
• Edged weapons attacking skills.
• Anatomy education on disabling & terminating target locations.
• Written exam.
• Graduation.

“The No Lie Blades Knife defense system is quickly becoming the standard by which others are judged.”

-Sgt. Jeffery Hauck – Bethlehem Twp, PD


Course Cost $1,395.00 Please contact or call 610.442.5539 to register. If need payment arrangements can be made.

Please note: Once course payment made there are no refunds. If needed you may change your course date as long as its done 30 days prior to originally scheduled course date.


We’ve worked out a killer discount room deal for those attending the course with the team at the Ramada Inn On The Beach at 6th and Atlantic St, Virginia Beach, Va 23451

Oct 7-12, 2017 ( Sunday – Thursday) @ $79.00 per night plus tax and this will include a breakfast voucher
Oct. 13, 2017 (Friday) @ $99.00 per night plus tax and this will include a breakfast voucher as well. Due to vacation season, the weekend has already had a number of outside and group reservations so the rate has been affected.

The link for your flyer that will allow people to book direct by clicking on the link to assure they get the special rate is:…



5.11 Tactical Gear Virginia Beach Store Grand Opening

Since we’ve been invited, you’ve been invited!!!

The folks at the new 5.11 store in Virginia Beach asked us to be a part of the grand opening next Saturday August 12, 2017 and we of course accepted!!!

Come join us at our booth at the 5.11 Virginia Beach store located on Virginia Beach Blvd. Ste 101 Virginia Beach, Va 23452
Sat Aug 12, 2017 10am – 8pm

Please share within your networks.