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NLB is now on GSA!

NLB is excited to announce our tactical training and courses are now available to DoD, Federal, State and a Local Municipality customers through the General Services Administration (GSA) contract, Schedule 84 – Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response.

Edged Weapons Tactical Combat
Impact Weapons Combatives
CQC/CQW Empty Hand – Close Quarters Combatives / Close Quarters Warfighting
Instinctive Combat Firearms Gun Fighting
Dynamic Transitional Fighting from range to range w/without weapons.

All NLB combat training, Active shooter training and other services can be procured via MJL Enterprises LLC GSA contract # GS07F036DA. For more information please contact us at, or call 610.442.5539.

ICF – Instinctive Combat Firearms Gun Fighting
This course and its modules take the Military or Law Enforcement static marksmanship shooter and develops him or her into and instinctive combat ready shooter. Additionally, this course takes the combat ready shooter, polishes and builds their already existing skills.

True tactical fighting skill equals confidence. Confidence equals viable options. Options give you time to make the smartest choice given your skillset and situation.

Tactical speed load

“This may be one of the most complete, single-session gun courses I’ve ever seen.”.
SWAT Lead. L. Simpson – Upper Darby-PD

Combat shooting package for the LEO and Mil Teams.
• Mastering the Draw – Two Hand, Strong only, Support only
• Dynamic Reloads and Malfunctions
• Shooting to and from Cover and Concealment
• Shooting on the Move – Forward and Lateral
• Close Quarters Shooting
• Index Shooting
• Using Weapon as Impact Tool
• Low Light Operations
• Putting it all together
• Force on Force Training
• Measurable Training Methodologies
• Shoot – No Shoot Training

Marking training knife

Street Trainer Training Kit – Marking Training Knife Kit

After about 3 years in business we knew we were on to something and had become a United States DOD vender. When dealing with L/E and street defense your more likely to come across a folder knife than you would larger double edged weapons simply because of concealment and deployment benefits. The Street Trainer marking training knife is our second training knife design and is geared after a Smith and Wesson with an angled blade for deeper cutting. The benefit of a marking knife system is real time, immediate, accurate and memorable feedback that one can measure, resulting in information on how to be a better warrior right on the spot.