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A 40-year-old man was shot and killed Saturday after he charged officers with a knife outside of the Springettsbury Township Kmart, said township police Chief Thomas Hyers.

Officers were called by Kmart security just before 7 p.m. Saturday for a retail theft involving the man, whose name was not released Saturday night, Hyers said.

The man didn’t respond to the stun gun and made “aggressive moves” with the knife toward the officers and two of them opened fire, Hyers said. The man was pronounced dead at York Hospital. Hyers would not describe the man’s injuries.

A toxicology test found Shultz had cocaine in his system at the time of the shooting.

In an interview with authorities, Shultz’s girlfriend, who was not named in the report, said Shultz struggled with substance abuse, particularly crack cocaine, the report says.

A number of witnesses told police they saw an armed Shultz fighting with the officers and ignoring their commands.

One unnamed witness told authorities Shultz was “charging towards the police (with) what I thought was a knife and the police officers had no choice but to shoot the man,” the report says.

In his conclusion, Kearney said; “Mr. Shultz presented an imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury at the time the officers used deadly force in the discharge of their service weapons.”

He said the matter is now closed.

Hank Hayes CEO of No Lie Blades (manufactures of Combat training knives) shares the exciting news on the Police Hall of Fame event in Titusville FL on November 7, 2014, where they have selected the No Lie Blades tactical training knives to be used in their up and coming national counter knife training. The No Lie Blade provides immediate and accurate feedback alerting any trainee to tactical mistakes which could potentially be deadly. Most police officers hold the dangerous belief that within 15 ft, they can pull their piece out in time to put two shots into their subject, however in training exercises the NLB team has never seen anybody do it yet. Prior to the No Lie Blade there was no other tool out there to provide feedback. No Lie Blades marking training knife solves that problem, “directly responsible for saving thousand of U.S. lives” says USMC Sgt. Major Hines.

Police Hall of Fame will be hosting some excellent instructors, Michael de Bethencourt, who is world known for his training, Paul Pawelas, working with Oath Ammo and Tom Tremell another high level instructor. These guys prefer the look, feel and more importantly the information the No Lie Blade marking blade gives you. The red slashes/marks on your body give you info right away communicating to the student that the clear need to tactically change their defense.

With the No Lie Blade intensive instruction almost everyone comes out with sharper, more honed skill set. After the marks keep showing up a few times, the students are desperate to find a way to succeed.

We at No Lie Blades are more than honored to be a part of the Police Hall of Fame and chosen as a part of their training roster.

See press release here

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