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Standard Street Trainer Kit - Single edged marking training knife

The NLB marking training knife has stellar marking capabilities. The realistic look and feel will catapult you and your student’s knife capabilities immediately to the next level of combat skill. Because the NLB training knife has a safe marking edge you’ll be able to train with intense realistic attack simulations.   Standard Street Trainer Kit More Info »
Price: $196.10
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Standard Starter Marking Training knives Instructional kit

The NLB starter kit is just that, a kit to get you completely started with a new level of training. The reason that high risk Military special teams and Law Enforcement use No Lie Blades training knives and education are because we get results that save lives fast.  Today’s teams do not have the time nor will More Info »
Price: $295.05
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Standard Series One - Double Edged Marking Training knife

Standard Series 1 kit
The Series One training knife can act as a double edge blade and also a single edge by just prepping one side for training. The benefit of a marking knife system is real time, immediate, accurate and memorable feedback that one can measure, resulting in information on how to be a better warrior right on the More Info »
Price: $257.68
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Standard One and One kit - Double edged and single edged training knife

This training knife set is for the teacher or student that is looking for both a single edged training knife and a double edged training knife in a training knife set. The first training knife that No Lie Blades designed was the Series One training knife and it was designed specifically after the Military’s double More Info »
Price: $226.89
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Single Series Training knife kit

During your training with the Series One training knife and once you / your students are all marked up, along with the pressure of your piers watching, knowing how the ego works, you most likely will not want to experience this again. With marks all over the body and shirt, this as an eye opener, for More Info »
Price: $128.00
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Marking sticks for training knives

The No Lie Blades Marking sticks are animal fat based lipstick sticks that leave a dark red or purple streak on you/your clothes when stabbed or sliced at. This is a safe and nontoxic way to be "marked up" and give you that memorable feed back you're looking for with the NLB training knives.   Please Note: **We highly recommend More Info »
Price: $3.00
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