Single Starter Marking Training knife Instructional kit


The NLB starter kit video set and training knife kit is just that, a kit to get you completely started with a new level of combat fighting skill . The reason that high risk Mil special teams and Law Enforcement use NLB tools and training are because we get result that save lives fast.

In this video DVD set we cover the same material than our live 2 day-16 hours L/E training plus more. If you put the time in and train with someone that delivers aggressive attacks and you follow the example demonstrated you will turbo charge your combat knife skills immediately. This is why Government special teams use our tool.

Single-Starter-kit-No-Lie-Blades-300X225In the starter kit you will receive the follow:

Volume 1 & Volume 2 Unleash the Champion Enforcer DVD Set.

The blades shaft is 356 Alloy mold crafted aluminum.

The felt is SEA level 2 industrial felt

2 Marking Sticks

Training & Usage Instruction Guide

Impact / Injury Chart

NLB Demo / Instructional CD

Price: $167.05