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“There are few better trainers worldwide than Hank Hayes / No Lie Blades when it comes to getting results in hands on edged weapons / combat tactics”.

-Dave Smith “Buck Savage” Policeone.com


“NLB’s course is life changing, in my 23 years in L/E it’s some of the best training I’ve ever

had.”        –Sheriff Rick Silver – Washington County Sheriff’s Dpt.


“The No Lie Blades system is quickly becoming the standard by which others are judged.”

-Sgt. Jeffery Hauck – Bethlehem Twp, PD 


No Lie Blades tactical training is known worldwide for there creation of rapid learning environments where students arrive thinking one way and come out with a completely new perspective. They attack the attack with a methodology that’s simple, highly effective and easy to learn.

This is not some sales pitch crap that you see coming from so many companies.

You will learn and know a tactical system.

PLEASE research for yourself what No Lie Blades’ reputation is, and what we’ve successfully done for other operators just like yours.

What this course will reveal for your men and women is how to bring back the simple, the straight forward and put the winning results where they belong; in your instructors’ hands!

Below is a general outline of some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Learn how to quickly gauge the groups’ skill set in all empty hand areas.
  • Learn how to deliver and read the 5 angles of attack.
  • Learn how to properly capture the weapons bearing limb.
  • Learn how to stop and capture from any angle with any attacking grip.
  • Learn how to properly capture the weapons bearing limb.
  • Learn how to teach capturing the weapons bearing limb and getting the student over the gap in execution.
  • Learn how to reverse the student from grappling a committed attacker with knife (one of the most common things students do).
  • Learn the secrets to taking the complex and making it simple and effective.
  • Learn the nasty tactics to win on the street.
  • Learn how to teach to the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners so they get it and seal it in.
  • Learn how to teach so you don’t come off like an untouchable expert- be received like a partner, a professional and someone that learned something highly effective and you want to share it because it’s life saving.
  • Learn the fool proof way to set a framework and the 4 corners teaching method.
  • Be evaluated by your student when doing teach backs.
  • Learn how to not get stuck in a corner as a teacher with no way out.
  • Learn how to read and see the pre-incident indicators of knife attacks.
  • How to neutralize a committed predator possessing an edged weapon.
  • Learn the “why” reasons for NLB tactical training movements.
  • Learn how to safely teach force on force stress inoculation scenarios.
  • Receive complete instructor manual with master copy for student handouts.
  • Receive NLB instructor certification.



No Lie Blades has several course types, and we are know for custom course development.

Course types are as follows:

Custom small blocks of instructions from 2 hours on up. Please note this is not our standard and information and learning will be compromised.

2 day 16 hours certification course. This is our flagship and most requested course by far.

3 day 24 hours apprentice instructor certification course.

5 day 40 hours instructor certification course.

Private Intensive training sessions – no more than 6 people.

100% performance guarantee – NO Questions Asked.


“You’re simple but brutal techniques have reportedly been effective in saving lives behind enemy lines during the conflict in Iraq. In fact I am personally aware of at least one recipient of your unparalleled instruction who is alive today because of it “.

-George Dutile – U.S. Dept. of Justice / ACD


Watch this short video of our training


Please highly consider registering your team for one these tactical training courses. No Lie Blades is world wide known for our “No BS” and highly effective training practices. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to have your men trained and certified at this level of combative proficiency.


If your interest in putting a course together for your command, department, agency or group please contact us at

610.442.5539 or info@nolieblades.com.


Note: Please be aware once a training deposit is received and training booked it cannot be cancelled or fully refunded as training resources will have been secured. You’re welcome to reschedule for a fee but there are no refunds.



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