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NLB Tactical – Vehicle Operations Training

Briefly covering vehicle ambush response and vehicle bailout
with international threats activating everyday vehicle ambush preparedness is a must. What you’ll see in this video is an advanced training non- complex drill. However this isn’t a flat range drill but it’s not a moving parts range drill either. Meaning the cars aren’t moving and the bad guys aren’t moving in addition the range is on the same relative plane (not multi story).

You’ll see shooting, moving and communicating, holding security, mobility and low silhouetting. You’re going to want to get off the ambush X, quickly Identify the clean and dirty sides of the vehicle. You’ll need to clear your seatbelt, clear your garment, access your gun get to work engaging bad guys!

• What you’ll see from this drill are several pieces.
• Multi- target shooting.
• Reloads.
• Moving posting shooting.
• Multi-positional shooting.
• Cover and concealment to name a few.

In this drill your pinned down, meaning you can’t drive away, if you could drive off we would suggest it drive over them, drive through them and over things. Get out alive, it’s an ambush.

This drill can be used for one person in the vehicle to many people in the vehicle for Military, Law Enforcement and civilians alike.

Threat Identification, shooting accuracy, problem solving, seated shooting and no glass shoots are part of this drill.

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NLB comes out of the closet and address the techniques that have taken over the martial arts and combative industry as fighting strategies that work. BUT THEY DON’T!!! In this video, we’ll cover 3 things for terrorist knife attack defenses.

1. What we see out there in the training space.
2. What really happens in many attacks.
3. What solutions NLB uses and why the strategies work.

Also NLB is offering enrollment in there 2 day and 5 day instructor course in Oct 2017 at NLB HQ in Virginia Beach.
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AR 15 Carbine Stance and Ready Up drill by NLB Tactical and Hank Hayes

The Carbine stance debate and the ready up drills.

The powerful fighting weapon the carbine has many uses, however I think there’s one thing we can all pretty much agree on when it comes to protection in close, we must be to able get shots on target as fast as possible. This video covers basic 3 elements.

1. The Carbine shooting stance.
2. Static single shot ready up drill
3. Dynamic single shot ready up moving drill.

Do you own a handgun or rifle and only shoot standing still at the firing line at the range?

Are you drawing from the holster using reload, malfunction and multi position shooting stress drills?

Are you rapidly moving to cover while laying cover fire and shooting from behind barricades moving from position to position?

Are you training vehicle ambush and varied shooting situation stress drills?

If not, THIS MUST CHANGE! You are not truly prepared for a gun fight. GET TRAINING NOW!!!

NLB tactical provides a catalog of courses and has 365/24/7 access to a tactical range in the Virginia Beach, Va area. Whether it’s for your command or personal 1 on 1 needs, contact us for half day, full day or multi -day training packages at our range in Virginia Beach.

Many make it a mini vacation, shoot, eat, swim!!!

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