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ACTIVE STABBER / KNIFE DEFENSE SECRETS UNLEASHED! Hank Hayes interviewed by Marina Saparkina and the team at PLAYING WITH THE BLADE. ИГРА С ОСТРИЕМ. Learn the insider secrets that can give you the knife counter response edge you need to prevail in a knife ambush.

Hank Hayes (NLB Tactical CEO. A Military and LAW Enforcement Tactical training company) is a founder of “No lie blades” combat system and creator of training knives, that can show you the effectiveness of training.

About this system and knives, and the main question – how to stay alive against the knife empty handed in our interview!
Becides, Hank Hayes shared some small secret of mental preparation of person!

3:25 – No lie Blades system
6:30 – Knife marks
11:00 – 3 main words about No Lie Blades
12:40 – Combat system against knife
25:30 – The most dangerous knife system
30:20 – Psychological Preapration. Small secret of training
42:30 – Real situations
50:50 – Improvised weapon

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