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No Lie Blades is company founded by Hank Hayes headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. No Lie Blades is a minority owned, small disadvantage business and we are US Military subject matter expert’s and professional military educators.

Mr. Hayes is the proud inventors of the unique tactical combat training system and training products that we make and supply to the U.S. military, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions and protection organizations across the globe.

The No Lie Blade is the simunitions of edged weapons tool used for extreme situational tactical training education for in-close combat, in-vehicle combat, impact weapons combat and other high risk, high threat encounters.

Our mission is to serve the professional from security personnel to Special Forces operators, to prepare them with brutal and savage fighting methods making them combat ready for today fight.

No Lie Blades holds one of the highest past performance ratings in its category and has more letters of recommendation than its five top competitor combined.

Our objective and reputation is built on getting dramatically fast measurable results that will make your troops more tactically warfare ready in which we take great pride, a pride we would be most honored to share with you. Please call us today to find out how we can get your men the world class result we have proven for other commands.