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Hank Hayes and No Lie Blades, the inventors of the No Lie Blades marking training knives have been voted one of the best Martial Arts gifts by Black Belt Magazine. “These are the best training knives around” says Black Belt, “and perfect for the martial arts enthusiast, who takes their reality training seriously”, so in celebration of the Holiday Season No Lie Blades is offering 30% off all products.

This training knife gets the practitioner as close to an actual knife encounter as one can with out the real danger of getting cut. These knives also give the ability to better ones skills every single time one trains because injured areas are immediately seen, allowing the student to instantly adjust tactical movements.

The No Lie training blades are just what they their name implies, “No Lie”. These training knives are used heavily by the armed forces in both military, Home-page-Series-One-testlaw enforcement, Israeli martial arts and self defense classes. The training knives provide so much crucial and immediate information that any person, team or organization who is serious about bettering their skills cannot deny the need for such a tool.

“No Lie Blades training and marking training knives are top notch.” says world renowned law enforcement educator Dave Smith. He states, “There are few better trainers worldwide than Hank Hayes / No Lie Blades when it comes to getting results in hands on edged weapons / combat tactics.” When we asked Mr. Hayes how he attained these skills he said, “The marking training knife did all the work in letting us know exactly where our weak and strong areas were. The tactical system was literally developed from the feedback the training knife provided us. It’s almost idiot proof” He says.

When Black Belt magazine saw the training knife in action, they immediately thought it would make a great martial arts gift for anybody serious about growing their skills as a martial, combat or protection artist.

From just a rough drawing on a napkin, Hank Hayes has now built a company that “has saved thousands of US lives,” say Sgt Mjr. Hines of the United States Marines. No Lie Blades has successfully trained over 11,400 armed forces personally to date and has other tactical training inventions being brought to market.

Aspiring martial artists, law enforcement, military and corrections professionals benefit greatly from a training instrument that helps them instantaneously evaluate their abilities without the worry of getting stabbed or stabbing/cutting their training partner.

When looking for the perfect martial arts gifts for your loved one keep the No Lie Blade training knife and system at the top of the list as the perfect holiday gift for anyone serious about growing their knife combative skill set.

In this video see what top national instructor Scott Bolan has to say about his experience with tactical knife training and using the No Lie Blades tools. This Holiday, No Lie Blades is offering a 30% holiday discount on anything purchased using this code (BBM1) at checkout. Go to to get all the details.

Hank Hayes CEO of No Lie Blades (manufactures of Combat training knives) shares the exciting news on the Police Hall of Fame event in Titusville FL on November 7, 2014, where they have selected the No Lie Blades tactical training knives to be used in their up and coming national counter knife training. The No Lie Blade provides immediate and accurate feedback alerting any trainee to tactical mistakes which could potentially be deadly. Most police officers hold the dangerous belief that within 15 ft, they can pull their piece out in time to put two shots into their subject, however in training exercises the NLB team has never seen anybody do it yet. Prior to the No Lie Blade there was no other tool out there to provide feedback. No Lie Blades marking training knife solves that problem, “directly responsible for saving thousand of U.S. lives” says USMC Sgt. Major Hines.

Police Hall of Fame will be hosting some excellent instructors, Michael de Bethencourt, who is world known for his training, Paul Pawelas, working with Oath Ammo and Tom Tremell another high level instructor. These guys prefer the look, feel and more importantly the information the No Lie Blade marking blade gives you. The red slashes/marks on your body give you info right away communicating to the student that the clear need to tactically change their defense.

With the No Lie Blade intensive instruction almost everyone comes out with sharper, more honed skill set. After the marks keep showing up a few times, the students are desperate to find a way to succeed.

We at No Lie Blades are more than honored to be a part of the Police Hall of Fame and chosen as a part of their training roster.

See press release here

As a thank you, No Lie Blades tactical blades and training is offering 30% discount on all our products. Use code (PHOF1) at checkout and your good to go. Go to for details.