Monthly Archives: October 2014

In this video, Scott Bolan, who is a lifetime martial artist himself, discusses the difficulties in finding good training knives that give you that true concept and real life experiences that get you closer to reality than anything short of actual life or death combat itself with knife fighting. He discusses the differences between a plastic training blade and the realistic no lie blade marking training knife.

He also talks about how not only is the look and feel of the No Lie Blade superior to others but it actually gives you effective feedback by leaving a red mark on you when you attack or defend giving you the most simulated reality you can find short of actual knife combat in the streets. He highly recommends No Lie Blades’ marking training knives for combat tactics, as they live up to their name and help save lives.

I would high recommend Scott Bolan to anybody looking to better their skills in all areas of life. I see Scott as a true professional. Scott can be found at